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Best Gynaecologist in Dubai UAE

Best Gynaecologist in UAE, Dubai

Gynaecologist in UAE

A gynaecologist is a specialist doctor who deals with the conditions associated with the female reproductive system. Dr Alphy S. Puthiyidom practices as a gynaecologist with a special interest and proficiency in complex and advanced laparoscopic surgery, urogynaecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Dr Alphy S. Puthiyidom is the best Fibroid Specialist in UAE, Dubai. However, fibroids are common, and around 70-80% will have them by the age of 50. She has performed more than 8000 advanced minimally invasive (keyhole) laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures over the years. She has special attention in helping women affected with Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis.

Best Gynaecologist in  UAE

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